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[Ark DLC Idea] Flood Zone

[Ark DLC Idea] Flood Zone

Hi, I have a DLC idea, called the Flood Zone. The idea is simple: You are thrown onto an Ark that has frequent floods, high amounts of rain (new weather as well: Heavy rain) as well as tides that rise up and down. Even at lowest tides, there's a lot of ocean, but there's also some mountains that stay above water during a flood. Most players will have to worry about the dangers of a flood, but the map will also offer new ways to deal with them.

Environmental Features/resources
Tides that rise and fall. Some paths across land will only be accessible at certain tides
- Floods - basically extremely high tides that cover a large portion of the land.
- Ruins of what could be Atlantis and/or the remnants of old stone cities, destroyed by floods
- Heavy rain that activates Spino hydrated effect, as well as quickly filling reservoirs, raising base water level, and inhibiting vision, removing insulation from armor like you were in water, and reducing movement. Some new creatures this map adds would also benefit from heavy rain. Heavy rain also results in heavy wind - the windmill can be used here.
- Rivers with a stat for how fast the river is flowing. Like wind but for rivers.
- Harvest-able coral rocks for Limestone and Coral Stems.
- Limestone is used for concrete and as a stone substitute for cementing paste. 1 limestone is worth 2 stone in crafting recipes, and one limestone = 0.6 weight (60 weight for 100 limestone, compared to 50 weight for 100 stone). Dunkleosteus and Doedicurus can get limestone very effectively, with 50% weight reduction of limestone for the dunkleosteus.
- Coral stems can be used as a substitute for horns in antidotes.

Unique Engrams
-- Concrete building material crafted with sand, limestone, and cementing paste. It is stronger than wood but weaker than stone. However it provides better hyperthermal insulation than stone, and has similar levels of hypothermal insulation. It can, however, be damage by more creatures than the stone structures can.
-- Wood/Stone/Concrete/Metal Flood Chambers (Can keep air underwater, but leaks and slowly takes damage while underwater. The deeper underwater, the faster it takes damage - requires a lot of maintenance to keep an underwater base running!). Wood leaks, and gradually fills up with water. Stone leaks almost as much, with more health. Metal leaks a little bit less and has even more health. Cement has the lowest amount of leaking, and is therefore best at maintaining Better hope that the flood ends before your submerged house loses all air!
-- Bilge Pump that can take water out of a Flood Chamber. Requires manual pumping of the bilge to take out water. Might not be fast enough on its own for larger houses.
-- Electric Bilge Pump that can be powered by a generator to automatically remove water from a flood chamber. The larger a house, the more pumps it will take to keep it clear of water. Multiple electric bilge pumps will be needed to keep a large house dry.
-- Umbrella that can keep you dry in the rain, preventing vision loss and reducing the effects of rain on insulation by half.
-- Raincoat armor that can keep you dry in heavy rain, preventing vision loss when wearing the hood, preventing speed loss when wearing boots, and providing hyperthermic insulation even in heavy rain. Provides limited physical protection, however.
-- Bucket that can be used to remove a little water manually without a bilge pump, but won't help much if you can't take the water outside to pour it back out. However, a filled bucket can be used for cooking food. Might also be used in some other engrams
-- Stone Shovel that can be used to dig up suspicious mounds in the sand in order to find treasure, giant clams, giant crabs, etc. Also gives sand in the process.
-- Metal Shovel that can be used to dig up suspicious mounds in the sand in order to find treasure, giant clams, giant crabs, etc. Also gives sand in the process. Works better than stone and has more durability.
-- Sand Bags that can be used to block passages and reduce the rate that water fills it
-- Hydroelectric Generators that use the river flow speed to generate electricity
-- Fishing Net that can be placed in flowing water to catch fish
-- Chum Bucket that can be used as bait. Lowers the "durability" of the bucket until it becomes empty. Can then be filled again, as it is now a normal bucket.
-- Metal Diver suit that can be used to explore the sea floor before you unlock the normal diver suit. Offers a lot more physical protection, but very little temperature protection, mobility, and visibility. Also requires the full set to work and is very heavy, allowing you do kind of walk along the ocean floor (but swimming up is very slow). Air capacity is no different from the diver air tank. This engram is unlocked fairly early.
-- Giant Crab Trap
-- Various saddles for new creatures

Map Bosses and landscape
--- Mountains
--- Rivers
--- Forests
--- Swamps
--- Lots of oceans
--- Beaches
--- Caves (underwater and on land, mostly underwater. Some caves are affected by tides.
--- Green Obelisk is on mountains, safe from all floods.
--- Blue Obelisk is on normal ground, can sometimes get flooded.
--- Red Obelisk is above water, and the entrance is always below the water.
--- Assuming most DLC arks only have one boss, this boss is either a Kraken or a "Leviathan"

Returning Creatures
---- Ocean Biome creatures (Dunkleo, Megalodon, ichthy, trilobite, mosasaur, Pesiosaur, basilosaur, etc)
---- Mountain Biome creatures (Argentavis, Doedicurus, Ankylosaurus, Rex, etc)
---- River Biome creatures (Spino, Baryonyx, Casteroides, Carbonemys, etc)
---- Beach Biome creatures (Trike, diplo, raptor, bronto, pteradon, etc)
---- Jungle Biome creatures (Dodo, Gigantopithecus, Titanomyrma, etc)
---- Swamp Biome creatures (Achatina, Beelzebufo, Sarco, etc)

New Creatures
----- Helicoprion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helicoprion
Supposedly ate squids, so could deal bonus damage to Tusoteuthis while having a higher speed than sharks (but less than ichthys) and more health than itchys)
----- Kronosaurus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kronosaurus
Supposedly capable of taking on a mosasaur all by itself despite being smaller, because it was much faster. Could just do this for the stats - faster speed, sharper turn radius, less HP, and less damage. No platform saddle.
----- Tanystropheus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanystropheus
Very long neck. It could have a role as scaffolding, with its saddle providing rungs/steps for players to walk across. Perhaps its head could be positioned by the player, then used as a ladder or bridge. Or perhaps it could just be really good at collecting fish meat from fish swimming in rivers and the ocean shore.
----- Tyrannoneustes: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/50640378/ns/technology_and_science-science/#.XyMaGChKhPZ
Could specialize in taking down larger dinos, as that was apparently what it did for food. Maybe it could also harvest on the same action as its attack, allowing for kill + harvest at the same time.
----- Anomalocaris: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomalocaris
Apparently fed on trilobites and similar creatures, so could drop black pearls, silica pearls, and chitin. Perhaps they could be tamed and carry black pearls with reduced weight and harvest them from trilobites, eurypterids, and ammonites effectively. However they would be too small to ride.
----- Livyatan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livyatan
Supposedly hunted similar to killer whales today. According to wikipedia, they would tire out their prey before finishing them off, so this creature could have high stamina and health, with decent attack and speed. An all-around creature, perhaps. Could be equipped with a platform saddle, and would likely be slightly bigger than the mosasaur's own platform saddle. Probably doesn't turn very well though.
----- Wiwaxia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiwaxia
Really small, but could be upscaled. Untameable, but could be a good underwater source of easy Keratin. Perhaps could also generate cementing paste if left alone in a safe place near your base.
----- Challichimaera: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callichimaera
Another extremely small thing that could be upsized. This is basically a crab, but it doesn't look like crabs today.
----- Archelon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archelon
Giant sea turtle! Very tanky, not very fast, provide more keratin. Really good weight though, and could maybe have some limestone, wood, thatch, and metal ingot weight reduction by 50%. It would be useful for carrying resources from land to a deep ocean base, and its saddle could have a built-in smithy. It can also go on land, but it's very slow.
------ Nautilus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nautilus
Rare. Drops keratin, black pearls, and organic polymer.
----- Shrimp
Small, cannot be tamed. Give small amounts of keratin and fish meat when killed. Counts as a bug, and a Beelzebufo can eat them to produce cementing paste.

Original/Semi-original creatures (or just pretending existing creatures are older than they are)
------ Axystoma: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axolotl
A giant rideable axolotl would be pretty great. This creature is the Ambystoma family that axolotls are part of, but with a small variation to make the name sound more prehistoric. The axolotl would be fairly fast in both land and sea, and would have decent regeneration. It would gain an effect that rapidly regenerates its HP and slows down its stamina usage while in heavy rain. In regular rain, it gets a smaller regeneration effect.
------ Paguroidea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomura
This is the kind of crab species that makes up Hermit crabs and Coconut crabs. The idea is that there would be a HUGE crab that you could fight. This could be its name - there's a lot of stuff it could be named. These crabs would be harvestable for Keratin, prime fish meat, silica pearls, and black pearls. They could also be tamed so that you could fight with a giant crab. Their shells could be spray painted like a structure. There could also be alphas, which could drop a giant crab claw and some 
------ Wyrm: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/wyrm
A wingless and legless dragon, or sea serpent. This creature will be extremely rare and would be a creature that can both swim and fly (but not walk - no legs). It would be fairly all-purpose, with its main role being a water and air mount.

These are all my ideas for it. Let me know if you come up with anything else.
I hope you like this idea and while I don't think it will become an official map in any way, it would be really cool in my opinion if it was.
Also let me know your thoughts, particularly on balancing the underwater bases!

A map that floods, has heavy rain, introduces non-tek underwater bases, and takes place half underwater. Introduces a ton of new underwater creatures as well as a couple semi-aquatic ones. Also introduces Limestone, concrete buildings, and tides. Hydroelectric generators and over a dozen new engrams (Will add more as I come up with stuff, because compared to other DLCs, this idea might not give very many new engrams - I haven't counted all the structure and armor engrams separately yet).

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7 hours ago, dodoperip said:

I like this idea, but i want to see is map. Can you make it?

I can't really do anything amazing but I was thinking something like this but with more detail, better mountains, and more rivers:
The beach and a some of the darkest green get covered by water during normal floods depending on the tide (highest tide floods might cover all the dark green while lowest tide floods might cover half of it)
During the extreme floods, all the dark green gets flooded and part of the lighter green gets flooded.

The yellow, red, and orange are peaks of mountains.

The most valuable resources will be in the dark green area and beaches, while the orange and up areas have most of the valuable land/flying creatures. Wyrms would only spawn on the main peak (red spot on the right side). The mountains in general would have crystal, obsidian, metal, and useful harvesting tames while the beaches and green areas would have limestone, metal, sand, and some of the new creatures (like the giant crabs) for both kinds of pearls.

I'm not the best at designing maps.


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