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pvp Ragnarok/pvp/off map dinos/slightly boosted stats/weekly events/amounts other th

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Ragnarok/pvp/off map dinos/slightly boosted stats/weekly events/amounts other th

Hi Everyone,

server name: gehenna
No password
Discord: https://discord.gg/jyRUWS
pvp server

I've recently made a new server on rag and were just looking to get some more people on. Currently there are about 7 people who play regularly on the server.

The server has boosted stats

Some simplified crafting

and I've added in a few of my favorite dinos from other maps. We are also doing weekly events like ovis jousting and I'll make a base with a box in the middle and if you can beat the base you can get the prize (the prize will be scaled with the difficulty of the base built to protect it.) we got some more in mind but we haven't worked out the details of what those event will be.

I've also set up the drops so that the white drops contain starter packs. Every drop also has a chance for kibble that matches the color of the drop( except the yellow and purple are flipped around) also there is a chance for element dust in the yellow drops and there is a chance for element in purple and red drops

I have added in engrams to the map as well

If you join and stay for awhile I am always willing to listen to people about ideas for new things

I'm about ready to cluster the map with another to just haven't figured out which map I want to add to it at the moment and will be adding more as I go.

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