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Tek turret nerf

I beg , no to tek turret changes just no please no. It’s so hard to defend as it is with out being online 24/7 why would you make it even harder ? It’s so easy to wipe ppl on this game and wild card constantly making it easier. I have over 50k ele in my tek turrets on official so 500,000 turret ammo I grinded for but you will turn that in 250,000 in a push of button how is that fair ? Atleast increase the dmg to 2x seems it’s costing two bullets now. It’s hard enough with all the meshing and exploiting atm cosstsnt ddoss and aimbotting 

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I think all and any turrets need to be nerfed. I agree with these changes. Your saying how is it fair to decrease the shards for the turrets? How is it fair for you to even have tek gear to raid stone or metal houses with? This game isnt fair period and they need to nerf things like this to give other people a chance to build up or raid easier so they get the PVP Experience. If you have Tek Turrets then maybe its high time to end your fun bud. Your saying its not fair to you but its not fair to others who cant take you down. Have you had a well defended luxury base for so long you forgot what its like to be the guy that gets raided by people like you? All good things need to come to an end. You survived long enough to have tek turrets that should be a great accomplishment and be proud you were allowed to get that far

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