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Best map ever for solo and small tribes


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Best map ever for solo and small tribes

I've played 2800 hr odd mostly on island and aberration and run my own small cluster for myself.
I recent moved from aberration to Crystal Isles and absolutely love it.

Reasons are

1) The Tropeognathus saddle isn't some Tek crap I have to beat some impossibly hard to solo boss. It's wicked fun stealing Crystal Wyvern eggs with one and they are awesome to do scouting. Press Control, point in the direction to go and hit K. They bring back the fast flyer. The whole jet engine and afterburners was a great addition. I just need platform jet engine for my quetzal lol.

2) Crystal Wyverns, the wyverns for the rest of us. Pick axe a crystal (they are everywhere) until you get 120 or so adn put them in your last slot. Jump on the back of the nearest normal! crystal wyvern, move up and lay down on the back of its neck between its shoulders and hit E when prompted... voila you have a wyvern. And I think this is still balanced because they aren't has tough as the other wyverns and aren't exactly stealthy in pvp (they glow bright at night)

3) Easy to find and tame griffins. One spot, make trap, capture one and tame. I've been exploring looking for griffins in the past on ragnarok and did find a few, but you can not compare the numbers and ease of finding a high level one to crystal isles.

4) The highest number of different dinos than any other map. 127 according to Dododex search. It has all the important dinos bar Rock Drakes and normal Wyverns.

5) Lots of open space and plenty of places where the land is flat for base building. The dinos are nicely spread out (bar a few spawn points) . The fast flying mounts (Tropeognathus , Crystal Wyvern and Griffins) compensate for the larger distances.

Some things I would have like to see

1) Rock Drakes , I transferred across one of my Rock Drakes from aberration and they are awesome on this map. All the mountain peaks for jumping and gliding off.

2) Elderitch Isle is no where near as dangerous as the Red zone on Aberration.  It needs Nameless at least so you need a charge pet. and whats up with the electric shock effect. It doesn't seem to do anything. It should at least dismount players. Don't add the Liquid dinos!

3) Would have been cool to have Magmasaurs around the volcano.

4) Map needs more sulfur nodes. I know you can get it from trees etc.

FYI most of my 2800 hrs was playing on Offical pvp and I have been in an Alpha Tribe on Legacy. i.e. I've played outside of solo play and played offical pvp

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