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Community Crunch 231: An Update on Genesis Pt 2, Upcoming Balance Pass, and Official Rates


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Mantis needs a Update on Taming as well because taming high level ones are bugged

What's the issue? I tamed a 150 on rag desert with no issue on current 2x.

I love all of this news, but there is one issue I wanted to ask about that I don’t see anyone else asking. Is there a way to make the underwater goggle effect work on every map and not just on the island? I keep missing out on underwater event coloring because I can’t see any of the creatures clearly and the effect doesn’t work on either the goggles or the tek helmet outside of the island map.

Use a gas mask in fpv, can see very clearly.

When i use 19 carnos will they give 95% dmg now? Or can only the first carno make 5%dmg and after 10 sec the next. Work this whitout rider?

It doesnt stack, just refreshes the timer on the bleed with each secondary attack.
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I beg , no to tek turret changes just no please no. It’s so hard to defend as it is with out being online 24/7 why would you make it even harder ? It’s so easy to wipe ppl on this game and wild card constantly making it easier. I have over 50k ele in my tek turrets on official so 500,000 turret ammo I grinded for but you will turn that in 250,000 in a push of button how is that fair ? 

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1 hour ago, Archer said:

Please dont bring the NoWander online 

This is the hell of a crap if your babys are stuck in the mothers(like dunkleo, Mosa, Basilo and a lot of other mammal births are gonna have this Problem.) 


It would be nice if you can exclude creatures from this poop. 

They will still be set to follow though so you can lead them away yourself.

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Just in case you've missed it: NERFT THE DAMN TEK TAPE IN TO THE GROUND!!!


WIldcard: "We want you to start building outside on the surface and get rid of the cave meta. How should we do this ?
Also Wildcard: "Ah yes, let's increase damage resistance for turtles, nerf tek turrets, leave tribes to have as many tek tapes out at one time as they want so they can absolutely Sh#t on anyones base. But hey, we'll increase the harvesting rate so they can farm their broken bases back in no time ;). Yeah let's do that. 

Does that sound about right? mmmmmmmmm is this what you want? Let's not even mention that you didn't fix meshing yet or you're just handing out clients to people that go straight through the death barrier and mesh you. 

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I remember my first official tame on the original 1x knocked out a sarco with a sling shot killed like 5 dilos got like 14 meat fed it went up by like 1% then I panicked and killed everything on the beach and it still wasn’t enough so I went and killed more and after like 4hours or something I had it finally tamed! And I went around breaking thatch huts that took the same amount of time to build as my tame did to tame ??

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Obsidian and crystal stacks buffed too please would love tripled but double atleast. Mining drill needs the same weight reduction on ingots so we can empty our forges into a magma more efficiently. Please also reduce weight of crystal and obsidian on anky since magmas have made the obsolete for anything other than element. 

Element veins on extinction should be made to be the central node only like osd. Veins are more tedious and frustrating than they need to be.

Wyvern milk and nameless venom in hex shop or having them and ambergris all available on any one server would be great. People try not to transfer too much and having these foods in one spot would help alot.

Hypo and hyper on tek gear should be adjusted they are presented as suits that can withstand the extreme temperatures or space travel yet these stats do not match.


Weight reductions would make quetzals a far more enticing tame to get more mutations lines on.


King of swing and ice fishing quests need a slight adjustment (slightly more time and more fish respectively)

Making lava damage similar to genesis part one's dmg would make dungeons far more lag friendly.

As another post stated turning boss summons at transmitters on would be great.

Transferable skiffs would be awesome.

Enable dust to be able to be made in a replicator would be a godsend. Reducing element loss from 80% to 50% would also be nice.

Please make taming multipliers apply to ferox.

Please double/triple smelting timers for industrial forges (you can farm much faster than you can smelt)

Keeping imprint multiplication for an extended 8 hours after breeding events would save alot of drama.

Release the tek buggy and tek wyvern saddles already, been in the dev kit for years.

Harpoon guns need a rework people still use xbows because it just isn't efficient to use harpoons (same could be said for composite bows)

Please for the love of god match up gps and map markers coordinates.

Corrupted creature should be instantly killed upon entering biomes on pve.

Unlocking any locked container should NEVER be bound to the same key as opening said container.

Love the work you guys do and have done. These are just some thing i think would help the game.




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3 hours ago, GP said:

They will still be set to follow though so you can lead them away yourself.

That isnt true at all. You have to claim the babys first to make them follow you but if mosa and other babys are literally inside the adult mosa and not wandering anymore u cant even claim them without cryoing the mothers which will be really annoying for mutation breeders. Ofc there is mods that autoclaim babys etc but ppl with those mods dont even use more than 10 females for mutation breeding. Official ppl have like 50-100 females and imagine u have 100 pregnant mosas with babys inside the mother and cant claim a single baby and have to cryo and uncryo 100 females every hatch with cryosickness on pvp.

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On 7/27/2020 at 11:36 PM, azuramoon said:

some really good changes but... the lag on official is just too hard to put up with you know what you should really do ... make it so people cant have 500 creatures out id say max 100 and make them be able to build less because some people just build crap for no reason so that would clear up some of the lag i mean we dont need 500 creatures out now that we have cryopods and really only 2 tlc creatures getting done.. thats lame guys so many need a rework they are so clunky and old now 

i completely agree with you. something needs to be done about the insane amount of dinos people leave just laying out for no reason. breeding i get it. no one literally needs 500 dinos at the same time. one individual on Scorched Earth 55 has built over nearly a quarter of the map by themselves. it is just irresponsible that that is even able to happen on an official server.

like my previous post this sort of thing is above and beyond being ridiculous.

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