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Astrocetus Taming

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On 7/24/2020 at 2:15 AM, roach148 said:

Astrocetus Taming

hey everyone, just tamed one of these, a wild 145 but only got a few extra lvls, i used cannons on a skiff.

anyone got any ideas on how to do it better.

i used kibble too

The taming effectiveness is always low on them, it's unknown if it's intended or bugged. Knowing this game, I could take a guess.

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Its intended, there was a post a couple of months ago from a dude looking it up in the devkit and from what he saw it was intended. I can't find the forum post now but if anybody do please link it here.

I too would like to get a Max lvl Astrocetus with all extra levels! A shame really.

But the saddle is near impossible for players that are not playing in big groups to unlock or get through a crate anyways so I guess only a few players will ever be able to ride the Astrocetus.

Sad as it was the big bait for the Genesis part 1 Dlc.

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