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18 minutes ago, Bellock86 said:

Transferrable Element??

Can't find the source for it but there is a rumor floating around that element is going to become transferrable with some future update. Is there any validity to this?

It was added to the ARK: Community QOL Catalog as a request for PvE servers. However, this is not guaranteed to be implemented. As mentioned in that thread, something labeled "New" haven't yet been discussed by the devs.

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1 hour ago, yekrucifixion187 said:

Transferrable element, might as well kill the Dust Gacha's at that point. 

And that would be a bad thing? Id rather transfer element than 'maintain' a stupid 'gacha tower' farm. Gachas would also still have a use for new players.

Originally, I believe the idea behind not letting element be transferred was for pvp balancing, so u couldnt just take element to a server and use it to take down a forcefield.
But after that limitation they then introduced 'dust' making it possible to do that anyway.. So why still have the original restriction? it doesn't make sense anymore and is just a burden that wastes our time, if people want to transfer 300k dust on pvp they can, which is the same as 300 element.

There is only one negative to allowing this, and I think it may take away from some of the aberration game content, such as nodes.. However, u still need a paid dlc to get any decent amounts of element, so its not so much of a big thing, and charge nodes can still be used by new players.

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