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Two Game Bugs Almost Killed My Only Wyvern

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Two Game Bugs Almost Killed My Only Wyvern

This post is to inform game devs of two game bugs that I would like fixed as the combo of both almost got my only wyvern killed

Bug 1: Wandering Wyverns. I have my wyvern set to passive and wandering is disabled. But sometimes the wyvern starts to wander away, not flying, just their crawl. This has been an issue for a few weeks now.

Bug 2: Player-placed structures do not remain solid, and creatures somehow pass through them when it is just out of render. My Wyvern was inside my base, fully enclosed. somehow she got outside of my base. This bug has been in the game since 2015.

I place the wall, I place the foundation. I expect those structures to keep my pets safe, I do not want to lose a single one.

I play for eye candy and to satisfy my desires to hoard and collect eye candy, it's like my need when others turn to drinking, I turn to games with beautiful eye candy as I'm hyper sensitive to visuals, it's euphoric to me to see pretty things this game has to offer. Pls make my structures keep my tames safe like it should be.
Thank you very much for your time.

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I actually have lost wyverns that just wandered away, dozens of times I've found them still within render range of my base, but a couple times they either went invisible, or wandered further and eventually they auto decay. Sometimes they crawled, and you can sometimes see it happen but sometimes they fly. I think it's related to the argy wander bug where when you land them and hop off they arbitrarily decide they don't like where you parked them and they wander around. As for the solidity of structures, yea ever since the game first came out they've had some core issues, this one seems to have gotten a little better to me.

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