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Since no one has replied, I will again.

Is this not an important enough issue? I've heard servers are only ever at 255 when someone is doxxing the server? Thought this was a serious issue? I mean, WC has made great strides the last few months in getting a good portion of meshing taken care of, but doxxing is a major issue as well. Is WC actually doing anything in response to this illegal activity, or should I just report the people to the federal government because I'm pretty sure doxxing is a federal crime

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So last week valguero server 1083 had pings over 255 due to a tribe duping as I don't think it could of been anything els. The response I got back from subbing a ticket was that a GM couldn't solve my problem and to do an outage form. All I can say is your better off working together on your server to find out what tribe is doing it and when you get a name report them or before then that will probably quit the server.

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