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pve CPO server cluster I friendly community

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CPO server cluster I friendly community

with much planning, trial and error and the help of the wonderful community on my discord server,  i am pleased to announce that we finally have an ark cluster server, we are looking for kind, responsible, mature ark players to join our community, before i go into detail about the server itself, i want to clarify a few things about how the server will works, while yes it is a free to join server, we have added a whitelist to the server, now to join the server, it is preferred if you join the discord, the reason for this is because we keep a list of members playing on the server, we also announce most if not all of our announcements there, it is also the easiest way to become whitelisted which is required to join the server. now onto the instructions on how to join the server. once on the discord server, you must post a short application in the designated channel with this info: discord name, steam name, and survivor name and tribe name once you have joined the server. from there a server admin or ark server admin will look at your history on the discord server to see if you have been punished before or caused trouble, if you are clear the admin will add you to the list followed by you being whitelisted and being notifyed that you can join the server, this all sounds tedious and difficult, but it is usually done withing a few hours, its also to help admins when issues occur and to make sure the community is safe. the server will be a cluster of 4 maps, this is because we are currently hosting the servers on one of my friends PCs, we plan to expand to payed servers spots, but with the current number of people playing on the server it is not worth it. the maps are crystal isles, Ragnarok, the island and scorched earth, we have 2 free maps and 2 paid story maps, we plan to rotate the story maps so that those who have them can work towards ascension. however this may change in the future. here are details about the server setting.


XP: 1.5x

harvesting: 4x

taming: 5x



mating speed: 10

egg hatch speed: 20x

mature speed: 50x

imprinting scale: 5x

cuddle interval: 0.0023


dino stats

add per level up

health: 5x

stamina: 5x

weight: 5x

damage: 5x

speed: 3x


player stats

health: 3x

stamina: 5x

weight: 5x

melee: 2x

speed: 3x

fortitude: 5x

crafting speed: 10x


.auto unlock engrams

.boosted beacons

.unlimited respecs for minewipe

.events will be active


all the maps are set to pvp, however the maps that are designated for pve will not allow conflict on them. here are the rules for the server



.no grieving or trolling in any way
. no land hogging, large bases are encouraged, but be mindful that the larger the community becomes, the more space is required
. no toxic behaviour, being rude or toxic will result in punishment, most likely bans
. rule breaking results in a 24 hour temp ban
. if you are temp banned 3 times, you are permanently banned
. no disrespecting admins and other server members


PvP rules

pvp rules
. any kind of pvp must have both sides accept to the battle, sides can apply conditions or restrictions in the battle to prevent major harm or problems
. an admin on the ark server must be informed, they must them log it in the a future logs channel, which people can view, but only admins and mods can edit and post in
. no random pvp, randomly attacking or grieving is not accepted on both pvp and pve, interrupting a taming process and other alike activities will result temporary ban from server
.classic pvp rules, although sides can list restrictions, default pvp rules will prevent people from mass wiping a tribe, mass stealing and imprisonment(edited)
more will be added in time


so far we can fit 20 people on each map, but this may change, so come on in and join the server, help us expand our community to new heights.

here is the discord link to our server: https://discord.gg/

i will regularly update this link to allow people to join. i also plan to update this post regularly as questions are asked or if i need to add more info

if you cant join the discord, contact me via message and i can assist in solving the problem.



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