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PS4 Cannot transfer from Ragnarok

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PS4 Cannot transfer from Ragnarok

I attempted to transfer the Saturday after the initial bugged summer update. I didnt realize there was a problem and transfer ban. The ob returned an error when i tried to upload an item to ark data. Having just purchased the season pass, I wanted to see aberration, so i created a new char there. Ive tried to transfer my main char from ragnarok to aberration but it returns an error try again later. So i researched and saw a suggestion on survivetheark forum that said to transfer the new char and kill it. Then log back into rag and transfer. If that didnt work, just goto ab and download survivor. There is no char to download. I can play with my original char on rag no prob. I just cant transfer it to aberration or any other ark.

I can however transfer my second character from Aberration to the Island (my other server in the cluster) and back just not to or from Ragnarok.

All of my tribe mates are also having the same error trying to transfer off of rag.

Wildcard support suggested going to a new server of the same type (PVE/PVP/SmallTribes) I currently do not have a character on and seeing if you can download your character onto the new server, found at the character creation screen.

I tried their suggestion. There is no character listed in the Download Ark Survivor screen.

On WC support next suggestion, I tried making a new character on a different server and see if I could transfer the new character?  Same result.

At this point they punted and told me they provide very limited support for private servers and to contact my admin.  I am the Admin.

Settings are the same for all servers. Allow cross ark, travel prevent settings are all false. I can transfer my second character between aberration and island. We cannot transfer our main characters from ragnarok.

Platform: PS4
Host: g-portal

.ini files available if you need to see them.

So I am turning to the community.  Can anyone help?

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