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Our next Blitz Week begins on July 7th. For the next 7 days, encounter different previously-released Dungeons each day that have been revamped with a twist. During Blitz Week, Dungeons provide 2x Eery Element rewards, a 2x chance at encountering Noctis, passive Eerie Equus spawns and come with a reduced timer to keep you on your toes.
Additionally, players on Official Servers will find the rising prices of Toilet Paper reset at the start of Blitz Week.


  • In Multiplayer, players can access each Dungeon on the day that it is featured with the standard free entry.
  • In Single Player, players can access all 7 Dungeons for the entire week. The standard free entry will apply on the day a Dungeon is featured, and a higher entry fee will be applied on all non-featured days.


  • All Dungeons will have their timers reduced by half. You must complete them with haste.
  • You will be twice as likely to encounter Noctis.
  • Eery Element rewards are doubled to 20 in Multiplayer and 40 in Single Player.
  • There is a chance of finding an Eerie Equus roaming the halls of each Dungeon.


Tuesday, July 7th: The Crimson Oubliette
Features: TEK Sloped Wall Left, TEK Sloped Wall Right, TEK Sloped Roof, TEK Helmet, Journeyman Mosa TEK Saddle (low chance)

Wednesday, July 8th: The Frozen Depths
Features: TEK Chestpiece, TEK Gauntlets, TEK Leggings, TEK Boots, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low chance)

Thursday, July 9th: The Quickening
Features: TEK Kibble Processor, TEK Rifle, TEK Grenade, TEK Foundation, Journeyman Megalodon TEK  Saddle (low chance)

Friday, July 10th: Chasm of Suffering
Features: Tapejara TEK Saddle, Rex TEK Saddle, Megalodon TEK Saddle, Mosasaurus TEK Saddle, Journeyman TEK Rifle (low chance)

Saturday, July 11th: Den of the Withered Warlord
Features: TEK Teleporter, TEK SCUBA Mask, TEK Implant Chamber, Journeyman TEK Chestpiece (low chance)

Sunday, July 12th: The Boreal Labyrinth
Features: TEK Grenade, TEK Trough, TEK Sleeping Pod, Journeyman TEK Shield (low chance)

Monday, July 13th: The Shores of Contemplation
Features: TEK Rife, TEK Generator, TEK Light, Journeyman TEK Gauntlets (low chance)


*All featured Dungeons begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time, and end at 11:00am Eastern Time the following day.
**Community-made maps and further information on each Dungeon can be found here.

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