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choosing implant design


choosing implant design

ok so. i recently ascended on the island and extinction, now i lost my cool red implant wich i much prefered over my homo deus implant. My idea wich is really not that important but just a little addition is to let survivors choose how they want their implant to look.

you'd get to choose between everything you've unlocked so if you've done alpha overseer and beta rockwell you could choose to make your implant have the alpha overseer design but not the rockwell and the other way around, or you could choose to have your basic implant when you just spawned. this is purely because i like the red implant a lot and the homo deus record just makes me miss the implant on my arm wich i had for so long.

in the end it probably isn't that much work and should only be done after most bugs are gone and the maps are 100% released

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