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Ember Wyvern spawns BROKEN since Summer Bash update

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Ember Wyvern spawns BROKEN since Summer Bash update

Prior to the summer bash update being pushed out you would find ember wyvern spawns all over the biome, now you can spend an hour and you will be lucky to find MAYBE 3. Not only do they spawn in LESS numbers (average being 1-3 up at ANY given time), but most of their spawn points have been removed lol. They used to spawn under the floating isles as well on the fire forest beach facing the floating isles, however since the update they do not anymore and have just a few select spawn points around the volcano.

If you nerfed the spawns with intent at least you could mention it in the patch notes. If it's not on purpose. it'd be nice if you didn't let it take 4 months until you fixed your brand new dino :)

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Same. Perhaps it is related to the larger problem reported here, dealing with CI spawns in general.


Tip: be sure to check under the pink tree canopy at Emberfall. We have found a few on foot, and they would be impossible to spot from the air. But you are right, they are a lot less common than before. We have also raised a related issue for the Alpha Blood and Blood Wyverns.


UPDATE: This appears to be intentional. Our server is consistently respawning;

tropical: 4-6

blood: 4 solid never missing a beat

ember: 3 never missing a beat

alpha: once a day with regular play.


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This is intentional - previously there were about 3 spawners placed on the map which spawned either 2 or 10 dinos. In 311.302 all of them were replaced with a single large spawner that spawns 4 Ember Wyverns.

The 4.76% chance for an Alpha Crystal Wyvern instead of an Ember is still the same (4.76% x 4 in Emberfall). In the desert region this equates to roughly 1.5% (1.5% x 6).

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