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Click L3 stick for speed boost, R3 (double tap) to land without needing to exit and scroll the mini-wheel. X is to ascend, hold R3 stick to descend.


For Tamed dino pick up, go into beam mode, press R2 once on a tamed dino to hit it with the beam, then press and hold R2 until it it pulls up. To place back down, press L2, (goes into beam mode again but doesnt just drop your tame), and then use/hold R3 stick to slowly place down. You can use the L3 stick to direct where it lands. Only works on tamed so far as iv noticed.

With wild its basically pick up all the way and drop with R2. If you have a wild dino in the beam, you can relocate it to a safe place, hover low, exit skiff and tranq while its still suspended in the beam from the ground. Just hover in a place you can reach back onto the skiff to land.

On a larger creature, you can even sometimes hit the tail with tranqs without jumping to the ground to take your shots.

Hopefully, iv remembered all that accurately. Hope it helps.

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