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loss of animals and things in the crash

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loss of animals and things in the crash


During the game, the server ping dropped sharply! While I was just standing there, the game was going on, I couldn't do anything, neither get off the Dino, nor attack - NOTHING! MOST IMPORTANTLY, the damage took place both on my dinosaur and on me! I was thrown off the server, after many attempts to connect back, I was already dead like my dinosaur! I lost a lot of nerves and things! Such as: Cryocapsule with Managarmr level 421, cryocapsule with role rat level 42, iron armor ordinary, 2 batteries, a set of scuba diver, chainsaw, as well as saddles for the above animals (on managarmr was the legendary saddle)! The rest is not very valuable. Solve the problem (Bring back things and dinosaurs!)! If you think I'm lying - you have the right and access to view all the codes.

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