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Valgeuro Server 1102 NA PVE.

I dont know who or where to contact this about but a tribe called Tea Bauchery Party has purposely placed a raft in our lake where my tribe lives on PVE. We asked him to remove it and he is not willing to cooperate with us. He claims he was in that location first but we suspect this a lie since he did not pillar off the area in which we live in now. He's also got stone huts placed all over this server randomly placed in spaces they are not using. For a week and a half this tribe has not needed the space we decided to live in. Their tribe does not live anywhere near our base and therefore they do not need a raft in our lake. May some sort of higher up deal with this? Or maybe someone can guide me on who to contact to get this tribe to stop messing with the land we built on?

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