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5 year Anniversary Shame!

I dont know if this is the correct place to write this or even if anyone is still having crashing issues but I might aswell write something.

I find it amusing that when I load up my Ark, the main menu has a big "Ark Anniversary 5" as if they are proud that this game has been around for 5 years.. and then the very next update makes dinos invisible and players crash every 10-20mins. Then quickly push an update for the update before the weekend and to my knowledge has not fixed anything. HOW CAN YOU BE PROUD OF 5 YEARS AND STILL HAVE CRAP SERVED TO YOUR COMMUNITY? Maybe next time your update doesnt work the first time instead of quickly trying to fix it and push it out again possibly get rid of the update let us play your game for the weekend and put sometime into fixing it. I can guarantee everyone who is crashing constantly would rather play your game than have a water pistol flamethrower skin....

I'd like to finish by saying I enjoy playing ark, I have always enjoyed playing ark, I am assuming all of us in these forums enjoy it or else why would this be here and I am sorry if I am still the only one that is still crashing after both updates but I am paying for a server and right now they have taken nearly 3 days of my paid server off me that I wont get back.

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