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just curious, how many servers for Ark have you been an admin for and how long?  What in your years of experience makes you qualified to run/admin an ark server with control to do anything on that server which could cause damage to player base and or enjoyment of others?

I ask this because with only two posts in this forum (and created 14 min ago), it would be hard to find someone that would just give you admin rights on a server where no history has been made when the server you evidently play on for 5 years is either ran by someone else or maybe you are an admin on that server which if you are, hard to admin a bunch of servers to know what is going on and of which you don't play on.  Also matters if its pvp or pve.  What you would do if someone claimed their lost a dino, or gear?  Would you simply spawn everything in?  For me and my network, I would say I place trust in those who play on my network and have demonstrated skills and know the rules of such server.

Good luck in your quest.

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