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Known Crashes

Seriously WC.. Get your collective "acts" together. I'm not here to put anyone down or beat anyone up. However, after five years of game development it's due time to start getting things right the first time. When Ark Survival Evolved first hit the markets and Game Preview on the Xbox, we the fan base, gave passes and continued to support your product line through all the bugs, crashes, lost tames and server roll backs. This update is completely unacceptable. Most of us here can agree, yes we do like new flashy toys but what we want is to log in and enjoy what we've built. As many posts prior and possibly long after this one have said "fix the bugs and stop making new ones!" Do internal testing before deciding to release something and if the patch or update fails the testing stage DON'T RELEASE IT. In the meantime we can wait a few days and enjoy ourselves on a polished game. Take it from a guy who does networking for a living, I completely understand the online servers are different from the servers used in house. But.. the issues at hand are not acceptable. People have taken time off of work to dive into the Summer Bash event and yet they are not able to due to crashes. Below are the known problems at hand. Please advise and correct these issues in an appropriate timely matter. As in not making us wait until Monday for a patch. Also, in the future please look into releasing updates and game changes on a Monday rather than a Friday. As it'll allow ample time to fix the problems throughout the weekend rather than taking a poop on your fan base. Shout out to Jade PG on YouTube. For those of you who haven't watched a video of his the first 10 minutes of Jade's newest video explains much of whats going on.



Game Crashes. Fairly straight forward as most of the post under this part of the forums is about the constant crashes and being booted out to the home screen.


Presets not loading. Our characters under the preset folder are not loading. Instead our characters are the default skin except with long hair and or beard. I've even took the additional step and did some testing on this. When attempting to load a preset from the folder the look of the character does not change except for the eye color and hair color. Even creating a new character does not update properly and reverts back to the default skin.


Lost tames. This is a concerning bug due to a majority of the fan base does a lot of taming and breeding. Our tribe wanted to do some more breeding today but with all that's going on we decided not to and to avoid logging in as to hopefully keep our tames from dying to a bug. Some of the people are stating they're logging into tames dying or lost all together. This bug seems to be across the board for almost every server excluding the No Tame Servers.  


Server transfers deleting characters and tames. Still... even after five years of development this is a thing. Look at testing the upload data between the client and host. People are losing their saved characters during the upload and download stages. To the players/community.. chances are WC will never get this right. Stop leaving your characters, gear and tames in upload. 


Harvesting not showing the correct amounts. I noticed this one while doing some extensive testing. When the server ping gets into the high end sometimes the display value of whats harvested with a tame is not displayed properly. To give an example, while cleaning up my dead bodies (again due to server crashes) with a tame I noticed sometimes the meat gather wasn't displayed. At first I wasn't sure the body was even harvested. Then checking my tames inventory I noticed the meat gather was in her inventory.


Characters visually shown as standing while mounted on a tame. This one seems to be a little hit and miss but sometimes when mounting a flying mount the character has a visual appearance of standing in the saddle. 


Invisible tames. This on is self explanatory.



In closing.. WC in all fairness if the events are going to continue to go this bad (just like the Christmas event, Easter event etc etc.) please stop doing them. Yes we enjoy the updates and the new wonderful items but it's not worth the headache if this is the cost to get those new items.




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Can you add in xplants unharvestable?

I've had this issue personally. The standing on flying tames part..except it happens on all tames.(Not a big deal as it doesn't cause issues with functionality..)

Had this happen once since the update so I'm not sure if it's happening for others, but... Dino gets stuck walking on nothing and you're unable to cryo it, whistle it away, or punch it free. Only choice is to either let it stay stuck or kill it. Considering it's a high-level rex, I'm dealing with the annoyance.

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