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Official, unofficial, singleplayer not even the map matters the same issue again and again, it's extremely aggravating.

Adding to this forum...Do the developers really check the forum because I've been dealing with the crash issue for what feels like a eternity (couple weeks). No updates...constant crashes making the g

they can but i dont think they will i was told by a mod that they are going to do a client side update soon to fix crashes yet even after rollback i lost argy and anky   [edit] and i crashed

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im experiencing this as well.  Prior to 800.11 (Summer bash) my game would crash MAYBE 1 time in 6 hours. .. now.. i cant get past 10 min and it freezes and crashes.  Why would a console game lag and freeze on SINGLE PLAYER???? i have other games that are Larger in size, GTA 5.. RED DEAD 2.. and they do not Freeze or crash at all. Come on Studio Wildcard and others... get it together..

ARK is 5 years old, and you are STILL in Beta?????

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Scorched Earth Still Crashing.

I hoped the new update would do something even if it wasn't in the patch notes but Scorched still crashes every 30 or so minutes...

I haven't even had the time to SEE a Tropeo for myself because it crashes so often...

I dealt with this happening on the Island as well but not as bad so I hoped I'd finally get to just play the game with Scorched being smaller and having a less variety in dinos but it seems to just be worse on this map...

It literally crashes every 30ish minutes and also when you are just SE from the center of the map...

It Crashes Everytime...

Every... Time...

This isn't a minor inconvenience...

It really needs to be looked at as a priority because you can't even play it really at all without having to start over a million times to get simple things like harvesting done...

I know I'm not the only person dealing with this it's just Scorched doesn't happen to be a popular map, but for those that choose to play on it we should be able to...

and this is single player... There should definitely not be problems like this with the most basic way of playing it...

Please pay attention to your whole game and not just the newest editions...

Please fix this issue...

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I'm having the same issues on my private server - Xbox One X 


Hope they fix this soon, it's annoying. Not having the same issues with loosing tames but the constant freezing and booting off the game gets really frustrating every 5-10 minutes.


I'm just happy I own the server and can use admin commands to go grab my stuff or my tribes items.

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New Update issues. Game crashing. Standing on Argy and Tera

Anyone else having major issues with the game with the new update?  My friend and I have both been booted from game entirely with no warning, just back to Xbox home screen. It also took ages to get into the game and load the server.  I always have issues with this anyway but it took me 45 mins to get into server today.  Also I now stand on my fliers? Weird. 

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