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Adding to this forum...Do the developers really check the forum because I've been dealing with the crash issue for what feels like a eternity (couple weeks). No updates...constant crashes making the g

Official, unofficial, singleplayer not even the map matters the same issue again and again, it's extremely aggravating.

they can but i dont think they will i was told by a mod that they are going to do a client side update soon to fix crashes yet even after rollback i lost argy and anky   [edit] and i crashed

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every single map crashes within 10-15 minutes the whole screen goes black and sends me back to xbox home then when i go back on everything i did in those 10-15 minutes is gone all progress vanished. this is ridiculous i can't play ark anymore and its rubbish. As far as i know for xbox players there is a 21.52GB update currently available which is much larger than the summer bash update so we shall see what this entails. hopefully a playable ark survival evolved and with the size potential additional content even if it be items or dinos, i don't know but that is not my main concern at the minute i just hope this gets fixed and we can all continue to enjoy the excellence of the game and the Surprises, fun and general enjoyment wildcard bring to it. fingers crossed.

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6 hours ago, WVUPOPS said:

Will the event be extended because of the crashing

It will be extended yes, but the length of extension isn't known yet. That may be determined by the length of time it takes to resolve the issues.

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On 6/25/2020 at 8:36 PM, B00STERG01D said:

Summer Bash Crash Bug

This has happened multiple times.  Whenever I load into an official server or do single player, the game is a bit laggy but runs ok and then for no reason it seems it cuts out on me and crashes resetting the single player world.

Yeah, i play unofficial, have render issues, minor lag and screen freezes then i crash, over and over.


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I'm having the same issues. New Xbox one X and just bought Scorched Earth last night. Only played a few hours and got crashes all the time... Done everything I can think of to fix the problem. Hard reset, updates and reinstalled game... Please fix already. Looks like this problem has been there for a while. 

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From what I've noticed, the crashes seem to do with rendering dino textures.  When i'm in my base with no dinos near, game is fine.  As soon as I go outside, game lags, textures are slow to load on tames and eventually it dashboards.  I think the best solution would be to see if disabling the event temporarily would resolve the problem then people could play and devs could go through the event data and see what's causing the issue.  I'm hyped for the event, don't get me wrong, there was a 150 event colored bronto right down the beach from my base!  That said, I would think that everyone would just like to play the game with some stability.  I've been playing for a mere 4 months and no other game is quite like this one.  Thanks Wildcard for working hard on this annoying issue and more importantly for creating the best game ever, regardless of bugs.

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