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Community Crunch 227: Summer Bash and Summer Sale

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50 PRIME MEAT JERKY FOR RANDOM CHIBI??? Have you lost your mind? Its a joke, right?

Game is crashing a lot since the update on consoles 

2020 Customer Bash Enough with the event! Wild Card, choose between your hardcore players or the beach Bob's. This is a beach Bob event. Drop the event. Do you think we hold our Alpha bases with

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4 hours ago, Snipar88 said:

Come on Guys... dont screw your amazing events with player-unfrindly things like 50 prime for one chibi.... i dont get it... Make it 10 cooked meat and everything is just fine. And youre „Breeding improvements“ are a huge scam. It‘s a huge bug and you should be a shame of selling it as a feature... get it back to the time before your Birthday event. Also since then, every 15 minutes the server freezes for about 10 secs.... with the money you have stolen with the awefull genesis dlc, you should upgrade your servers...

Also my Scorched Earth Shield Skin and Helmet Skin is vanished on my main map The Island....

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5 hours ago, TheKaijuKing said:


Not nice cant tranfer char out of genesis after this update, now i can do nothing. singleplayer on offi my base is now allone for what ever the time is to get back to my main server, rip my base thanks wild ass


6 hours ago, TheKaijuKing said:


for no warning and kill all and my base for a event?????????

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5 hours ago, Stonecoldkiller said:

 1 hour ago, xihphor said:

can you look into tropeo taming intervals please if not already. ty kindly. They seem to be extremely long compared to what dododex is reporting.



Ya the last couple ive tamed have been ridiculous

first was 20 min per feeding

second was 35 min each feeding

both are longer then dododex shows for the entire tame and thats only to add the next kibble its crazy

are you damaging the trope's before taming them?


Edited by Vagueraptor
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