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Community Crunch 227: Summer Bash and Summer Sale


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On 6/25/2020 at 12:48 PM, Lilmill202 said:

This game is a really big waste of time I spent the last two weeks playing only to be offline raided everyday. I eventually got to the point where I would take my blueprints an tames an put em in the ob. It’s the only way to keep anything you’ve worked hard to get. Well today I decided to leave em in the ob, farewell pigeot an sexy rexy. You can’t play this solo, you have to join a tribe but I did just that an got kicked after hours of watching someone else’s babies an taming stuff for them. Single player seems to just wipe itself after every update smh. I love this game but absolutely can’t stand it’s toxic player base an it’s unbalanced game. If you are literally starting today, read this comment an think to yourself is there any other way I could spend this time. The answer is yes, they say hell is repetition that would explain why I feel like I’m in hell when I play this game cause it’s literally me gathering stuff for another tribe only for them to collect it right after it says ballin LilMill has left the ark. 

It honestly just depends on what kind of server your playing on. If you play official then you definitely can't really play single player. If your like me though and play on a boosted non official pc server then even if I do get raided its not hard to build back up what I had. Playing the game like this actually let's you enjoy the game without constantly losing everything and constantly getting raided

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On 6/28/2020 at 6:30 PM, IgorThatchRich said:

2020 Customer Bash

Enough with the event! Wild Card, choose between your hardcore players or the beach Bob's. This is a beach Bob event. Drop the event. Do you think we hold our Alpha bases with Chibis? Defend with short shorts? It's time and effort. GRINDING. Drop the event. Drop the event! Or drop your biggest fans. Save the skins for the Bob's on primitive plus! 

I probably have more playtime than you and could be considered a hardcore player and I really like these events, please keep them coming Wildcard!

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6 minutes ago, basilmemories said:

Hey there, could you please allow ark data downloads on valguero 554? I've put in a ticket days ago, and I need to be able to transfer over with my character. Otherwise I'm going to lose my base and creatures. I wouldn't bug you guys here but. You know. The thing where every other Avenue hasn't worked.

good luck with that the server that i play on keeps blinking in and out of offline now since better half of a week goes something like this stop me if you heared it befor. server is online server crashes stays crashed even though it is reported quite away for 48+h then its bootet up again stays online for 7 hours chrashes again this time (with immidiate report it only takes them 45+ hours to boot it back up then it stays online for 4 hours and chrases and stays offline again for 36 hours and gets online again just to chrash again a couple of hours later and we arrive at the present of me typing this.

Really bags to question if there is mbabye a monkey infestation in the serverfarm unpluging plugs the entire time or why is it not possible to fix a server after 3 attempts and why does it take 47 hours roughly after a error message to rebot the server. Does the unpayed intern needs to chatch them all by hand first or whats going on with that ?.

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Hi guys ,

I just have some questions about ark PS4.

why are we countless with your mods which is the usual question.

2nd why ia the respawn of the creatures is non after we kill them in a specific areas.

3ed which is a very important as you know we are playing using joystick which is already very hard to use for transferring the stuff from to.

don't you think we need a stack mode?

in PC it is much easier and they still have pls take care of as little bit.

Thank you

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How about instead of adding dumb poop you fix the game!! I just bought genesis reluctantly because a buddy said he wanted to try it. It’s so trash and broken I can’t even play any of ark now!! I try to play split screen with my sone and it’s unplayable due to super bad bleed through form his screen. Not to mention how laggy it has become. And if I play solo player on genesis the spawns are flipped. Big I died 7 times in a matter of seconds and that the easy one? The hardest ones I spawned in and had no issue. Then I tried the ocean spawn and it so bad with the ground foliage I Can even see where I’m walking. FIX THE DAMN GAME!!!

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