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Since the winter wonderland update I have been unable to load my Valguero map on non dedicated server I can get on all of the other maps but that one.  When it’s loading it stops when it is loading on Valguero Dino spawns then it glitches out on me then it sends me back to my Xbox dashboard. Then I load the game back up and it starts glitching when studio wildcard comes on the screen and when I get to the main menu it glitches out so bad I can’t read anything on the main menu the only way it will stop glitching on me is to turn off my Xbox and unplug it and then plug it in and reload the game after that I’m still am unable to play on Valguero I never had any problems with it before that update. I have also uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and deleted my saves and that did not work. So I took a break from the game and I recently started playing ark again I am still unable to get on the valguero map.  Is anyone else having this problem I would love to get back on valguero. 

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