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Official Mods Program Launching to Xbox One and PC!


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6 hours ago, Jeremy Stieglitz said:

Some info to clarify a few points:

  • Of course all the Official Mods/Maps will be free. The intent is to give back to the community and get more great ARK content integrated into the official game on PC and Consoles :)
  • The Official Mods/Maps will all function in singleplayer, etc.
  • We will be hosting & maintaining Official Servers for all the Official Mods/Maps.
  • Because of The Center being added as an Official Map during the Mod Contest now, it will shortly be removed from the Mod Contest competition placement and the next entrant will be moved up. Congratulations Valhalla :D  

All the best,


From myself and the rest of the Valhalla team: Thank you. I have never been so close to falling out of my chair, as to when I read your post!

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14 hours ago, Kris said:

Also will it be like Minecraft with the different world saves or will we have to delete our other world to play on the new map ?

They've confirmed multiple single world saves, but I'm betting that they'll have two separate worlds for us to play on when this releases, as you can see when you go to load in a single player it will say 'Map' and underneath you have 'The ARK'. It's very likely underneath/above 'The ARK' we'll see 'The Center' when the map releases.

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14 hours ago, Mystalias said:

Will mods chosen to be official receive some kind of monetary support or other incentives such as employment? Also, Drake's post makes it sound like The Center just got disqualified for the mod contest, which is sad because last I looked it was #1 and the author could probably use the prize money.

I'm making a guess here, but I would say that the developer of The Center map will be receiving some form of payment for his work.  The Center belongs to him, so they have to "purchase rights" if they want to use it officially.  They both benefit as I am sure that some have heard how small the map is and want a bigger map and seeing the video of The Center map will entice them to buy ARK to have access to both maps.  The developer will benefit, not just from any money he will obtain, but the extra recognition of his work.  

Just a guess on my part. 

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I followed the link from here to Steam and saw this post from Mr. Frank, the developer of The Center map.  He was responding to a question from Dragon of Desire about working on the mods.

quote   "Yes I've basically been hired on and moving onsite to work on this map full time so I will be able to work more directly with the devs to make this map awesome and iron out some of those issues that are a bit unknowns like the dino spawning :) "   end quote


So. looks like he came out okay with this deal, getting the recognition he deserves, a paying job doing the work on his creation and I think it was a very smart move on Wildcard to hire him. 

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I think many mod authors will be glad to hear that their work might get them a job in the games industry. Maybe other companies will take note of this and begin seeking talent from their talented player bases. :)

As an independent developer myself, I have thought many times of getting the dev kit and creating some maps, but paused at the EULA... It feels overly broad, probably due to being able to not only make maps but code extensions as well. So I have to ask, will we ever get a stand alone map/level editor that doesn't require all those restrictions, but lets us just make maps?

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12 minutes ago, DiloFodder said:

wait... mods for xbox? man i though this wouldn't even be considered till near release, that's awesome! :D 

Well unless someone has said otherwise the estimated release date is June. So the mods coming in May, seems near enough to me. Also I'm sure they want to work out any kinks with releasing the mods to Xbox before the full release. I hope everything works as planned because as you said it is awesome!!

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