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You have to put yourself out there in the first place. Join a server. 

This is from a PVE perspective. 

Be friendly to people already there and people will most likely be friendly back.  Don't beg for dinos and free stuff because you are new, this will put people on the server off you right away. 

Make a genuine attempt to fit in, stop and say hello to people you might pass as you travel round. Most will stop and chat for a few minutes, they'll probably be happy enough to tell you what they are doing at the moment,  looking for a specific high level dino that kind of thing.  

Don't screw others over, for tames or resources. For example, if you go to farm metal and someone else is already there,  don't turn it into a competition. Say hello,  tell them as they are farming you'll move on and come back another time. You''ll build respect from other players as someone who is fair and an asset to the server.

Be prepared to help others out. On the Island established tribes are always on the look out for Spino sails for boss runs. Keep a hold of things like this that are in short supply even if you can't use them someone else might be very glad of them.  

Once you have established yourself like this regular players will see you as one of them, they will trade with you,  go on boss fights or caving expeditions with you, invite you to alliances or their discord.

This is how friendships are built.   


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On 6/21/2020 at 12:44 PM, SN7PE said:


How do i find a group of people to play ark with, I am seriously asking for advice.


You meet a friend when you're in trouble. ( or you discover that people you think are your friends are not friends)

So play PVP, get in trouble, die a lot and someone might have a mercy,

Second option form own tribe and hunt newcomers and invite them in tribe.

This is very easy on PVP as in the group the power is.

On PVE I'm sorry Wildcard did nothing to promote and somehow reward accepting new comers in already established tribe. And there are issues with accepting random players in tribe with various stealing and other tipe of scam. So not accepting is not because of you but because of bad experience.

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