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Alpha Gauntlet missions need small adjustment


Alpha Gauntlet missions need small adjustment

Hello! I'm fairly inactive on this website, but I figured I'd pop in and make a suggestion. As it stands, Gauntlet Alpha is, I would say, too difficult. Not because of mob strength, but because of the time limit. Overall mission time isn't particularly relevant when the wave timer is what will be breathing down your neck, and the wave timer in specific doesn't adjust to match the difficulty of the waves, so the first wave and the last wave are disproportionately difficult, due to weak weapons and powerful mobs, respectively. There are a few solutions, but the simplest is to simply remove the wave timer, and have the overall timer be reflective of how long all five waves should take. This rounds out the time crunch that sometimes makes Alpha Gauntlets impossible, while keeping the challenge of staying alive in the gauntlet alive, and punishing players for being tardy.


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