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Would Anybody Really Miss PGM?

Quick question to the community...

If getting rid of PGMs would make the game as a whole run better would anybody really care?

What if that space in the game for PGM could be used to optimize other maps and make the game run smoother? On console at least... Would anybody oppose getting rid of it for that?

Serious question and I'm really curious to know...

I think PGM and Primitive Plus could be sacrificed, on console at least, if it would help get rid of some bugs and make the other official and free mod-maps run smoother...

I would really like to know if people would really miss them if that was the case. . . ?


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Honestly, I doubt many would miss PGM. I know on PS4 it's been notorious and hasn't worked at all. Tried running a server using it, tried using it on the system itself, game cannot load either. Prim Plus is still widely used by a small fraction of the community so I don't see it going anywhere for the time being but it is neglected and people have expressed their frustration with it.

I don't know how much removing PGM would help though since the space used for PGM probably wouldn't be put towards anything. They'd just remove it and leave it at that.

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5 hours ago, MCorgano said:

Removing PGM won't solve or even help solve any of the performance issues with ark. That's like asking if removing the back seats of a car would make the engine problems go away. They need to optimize / fix the engine

I understand what you mean but there is really no space or anything at all it could contribute? It just doesn't seem likely that the space from PGM in the program/game, whatever, can't be used else where? but I'm not arguing because I don't know enough to say either way I'm genuinely asking ?

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Game engines don't work like that. The only benefit would be HDD space (which in ark's case would be a bit) but it don't magically make it run faster. No more than removing any other map would. The only possible way it would help is if abandoning it would let them make some fundamental change to the format of the maps to make them load faster and use less resources - these kinds of changes would not be trivial and require re-writing parts of the game engine. At that point there would be no reason to remove PGM anyways as everything would need to be updated.

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