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Disallow dinos that originate specifically from other islands to be imported


Disallow dinos that originate specifically from other islands to be imported into other islands

It's getting a lil tiresome of seeing lv430+ Managarmrs destroying our small/temporary bases because some kid wants to import and then zoom across the island in his Mana destroying stuff before leaving/ditching the server entirely, before we get the chance to make our base Metal to prevent that.

So you put the game on free on the Epic Game Store (which already doesn't work properly). How do you expect to RETAIN these new people if there's a kid deciding to hop in and fly around in a lv450 destroying stuff for funsies in the lowest level island/map? Do you really expect new people to stay long enough to know that Metal prevents Manas destroying their base before they've had their base destroyed at least twice already by some griefer with arrogance issues? A simple 1x1 metal base is more than 100 metal ingots and around 30-50 cementing paste -- how do you expect any low level new player to know how to get either of those mats before they've had their poop destroyed? Let alone the fact they'll need a lot more than that for a sufficiently spaced metal base.

There's one main suggestion but two of the other suggestions here are 'backup' suggestions.

The main suggestion is simple: Disallow dinos that only originate from other islands from being imported to islands that aren't able to get that sort of dinosaur.

Ie, you can't bring Drakes from Scorched Earth and can't bring Manas from Extinction to The Island for example, but you can bring a lv300 Dodo or something since that's in all islands I think.

There's no point to bringing those super dinos to, The Island for example, other than to flex or be a douche. Every boss or Titanosaur from their island can be killed by anything on that respective island -- importing different island dinos is cheap and should be fixed to only allow stuff from their own respective island.

Or, if they can be imported, disallow their attack functions. Only allow them to act as transport until you've killed all the bosses of that server's island (can't bring them in the boss room). But I feel the first suggestion is easier for what your game engine seems like.

A last resort suggestion if these two aren't 'good enough' - only allow importing once you killed 1 or all bosses in that server as a 'reward' type-of deal. Simply so you can't cheeze the boss win with high level super dinos and LUL while killing random newbie bases.

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