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Crystal Isles Some People Are Holding The Official Server Hostage For Themselves

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Crystal Isles Some People Are Holding The Official Server Hostage For Themselves

I cannot get on to play on official unless the server crashes.  I do not know how they are doing this but some players have found a way to stay logged into official server and hold it for themselves.  Server show full when it is not full.  Numbers do not match up.  It says less players in one area and more in another.  Some players are stated to have never left they stay continually logged in.





And one of the players in the list I have reported in the past for pushing other players out of servers by verbally abusing them in chat.  As in has a group of people follow him to servers.  Builds huge constructions all over the map.  Trolls and harasses other players if they don't belong to his click.  He has an obsession with taking the map for himself.  He only allows you to stay if you join his group of bullies.  If he has found a way to keep other players other than his followers off an official map he would do it in a heart beat.

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That inconsistence is not new, I've noticed some time ago.

Steam Game Info window obtain the number by using A2S_INFO "Players" response (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Server_queries) which often returns an incorrect number higher than the real number of players connected.

  with valve.source.a2s.ServerQuerier(SERVER_ADDRESS,timeout=1.0) as server:
    info = server.info()
    print("{player_count}/{max_players} {server_name}".format(**info))

It has nothing to do with EGS, indeed as you said battlemetrics is not showing any data related to Epic players. In fact, both Steam and Battlemetrics obtain the player counter from the same place, but steam shows the one previously mentioned, and battlemetrics just sum the players array (probably because they noticed of this error)

I think that after crossplay the only reliable connected players number is the one that appear ingame in the search window.


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So you are telling me that I paid money for Ark Survival but Epic players paid nothing at all but Epic players are being given priority rights to play Ark?  They can all log in to my Crystal Isles official server past the 70 allotted player restriction.  But I, who paid for the game with money, cannot.  I who paid am being blocked from the servers.  They who did not pay are getting in even if it damages the server.





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I can confirm what you said before about player limit. I played both mobile and pc version of ark and got that limit problem (50 on mobile 70 on pc) but the thing is, if you could join the server near the limit like 68, you can see there are not that much players actually playing. 10 people barely typing on chat plus where are those 70 players i fly around all the map and barely see 10 players again and not gonna even mention about some players pillaring literally everywhere.

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