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A few small suggestions for Crystal Isles.


A few small suggestions for Crystal Isles.

I love the new Crystal Isles map. It's beautiful and vast. Yet there are some small things that I feel could either be added or fixed.

The Crystal Wyvern heirs and queen look amazing. An heir skin or costume for your own tamed crystal wyvern would be really nice to have. It could possibly drop from killing an alpha crystal wyvern, or as an achievement skin; similar to how you earn the bionic giga costume on the center.

I've also noticed a small modeling issue with crystal wyverns. When angling directly down in first person, the player's head clips through one of their back spikes. Nothing major, but it would be nice to have that fixed.

Finally, please give the Tropeognathus some new sounds. I love the grab mechanic on it in the wild, and it's certainly carved a niche for itself as the perfect dogfighting flyer. For a neutral animal that chases the player down at such a high speed and sheds their armor, the flighty and timid sounds of the Tapejara just don't really fit. I understand that recording and mixing new sounds for your creatures is a very difficult and time consuming process, but the sound effects mixed with the tapejara-based skeleton have been somewhat jarring to quite a few ark players.

Thank you again for the beautiful new content-filled map, and I hope you take these small suggestions in to consideration. 

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