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Ddos attacks on the server !!! EU-offline raid Protection cross ark 10

Ddos attacks on the server !!!  EU-offline raid Protection cross ark 10, from ps4, DMND_Flash, Ghost_Badr389, As soon as these people come and their tribe to the server, a ddos attack begins, these are their psn names, please check them for fair play, because they spoil the game for everyone.  These are not the first cases, nor our first appeal.  We are waiting for action from you, because it is already becoming impossible to play, with constant departures from the server and ping 200+.They also try to blame everyone for these attacks, but this only happens when they appear on the server.

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I don't think you have to be on the server to ddos it, but WC is either incapable or unwilling to address ddosing. My small tribes server and many others have been getting ddos'd daily for weeks now with no response from WC. Only thing you can do is post here, report a server outage, or file a ticket, not that I think it'll do ya much good :c

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