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Stuck/Glitched Skiff

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Stuck/Glitched Skiff

Hello! Very good afternoon to everyone.
I will be short and to the point.

I was driving my skiff on The Island when a server crashed occurred. I came back to the server to find myself on the skiff but it's stuck in the sky.
Things that i've tried:

1) Press "E" and try to move it. Doesn't move.
2) Press "E" and press "X" to land. Doesn't land.
3) Whistle "Land this Flyer". Does deploy flaps, but doesn't land.
4) Relog and Log back, several times. Doesn't land or move.
5) Remove Dust/Shards. Doesn't land.
6) Whistle "Land this Flyer" then "Nudge". Doesn't land or move.

Could demolish it, but im losing 160-ish element and im not exactly element rich on the island server im playing.
Any ideas on how to deal with this? Thank you!

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