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Connection Timeout

As the title says i cant connect on officials servers and unofficial aswell. I play on official and since the update, everytime i try to connect i get the connection timeout error. I already tried everything, reinstall, validate the files, reset modem, reset connection. Its happening on my computer and on my wife's aswell, we cant play on our official server and our dinos will die! Please wildcard, take a look at this issue.

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I submitted a ticket and there has been no response about this. I have been having the same problem since the update and I tried reinstalling multiple times and validating, restarting both my pc and modem, even reinstalling steam. I hope this will be resolved soon or even a response from any of the devs would be nice. I play on official, but I cannot connect to ANY of the servers, even unofficial ones or nondedicated ones.

@Cedric can we please get a response?

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bump, same issue still persistent across all my dedicated unofficial servers.

Server IP:

 @StudioWildcard @Cedric please attend.


  • Only steam clients and connect, epic's can see the server but receive a connection timeout error upon joining. I can confirm the packets for those clients are reaching the server.

Troubleshooting Completed

  • Variations of -crossplay and -epiconly.
  • Verified the files, emptied the mods folder
  • Updated to the latest 311.302
  • Ran updates on Epic Store and verified
  • All firewall ports are open and forwarding enabled
  • I have confirmed this by port scanner and viewed client packets hitting the server using wireshark. I have a ubiquiti firewall so I can see packets passing through port 7777 also.

When did this occur?

Previous to to this update everything was working sweet.

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