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Happy Friking Anniversary to a screwed up Modification


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Happy Friking Anniversary to a screwed up Modification

@Cedric When are you going to retake ownership of your creation and fix the dang thing?

Every time there is a new roll out or major update, Primitive Plus pays the price. My current grievance is the loss of twin Raptors I was hand feeding. I lit my brazier so I could see what I was doing and then the game became unresponsive. I could not interact with anything, I could not open the dinos inventory and feed it anything more. I then logged out of the server and tried to log back in and got repetitive login timeouts. The only way to correct the situation was to reload the client... we all know that takes 35 minutes minimum and then another 5 to 10 minutes to log back onto the server. By the time I was able to log in and function, my twin Raptors starved to death.

Primitive Plus is an excellent concept, but the functionality of the Mod is pure crap. Please, spend some time on this puppy and make it worth playing.

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