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Tropeognathus maturation bar

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Same here on my end. Actually came here to post this exact thread and seen yours. No bar showing the maturation of the babies. Plz fix this wildcard. 

To anyone looking to see how close to juvinile your trope is use this simple math to some what figure out how close you are. 

dinos weight x 10% = how much weight in meat that needs to be on it. 

example, my trope has a base weight of 686.8 to figure it out I would take 686.8 x .10 (10%) and it comes out to be 68.68. This means that when my trope is holding 68.68 lbs of meat it will be at 10% maturation for juvinile. Hope this hopes all you having the issue. 

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Added suggestion to determine how close to juvinile

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