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I can't transfer to other servers - Anyone else?

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are you applying  to become a mod on this forum ?  

What a terrible reply..Will lose much work/dinos if that's the case..

Hit them up on twitter also guys..The more voices the better..

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Haveing the same issue.  MODS. and Developers, pleas read allllll the way to the end. it gets better I promise! :)

to the MODS. the one thing everyone says is that the most important thing they want is some type of feed back from the Dev.  I get that they are super busy. but with out us they have NO JOB! we are the ones who have paid good money to them. I love ark, have many (to many) hours playing it. all we are asking is that some one who knows, takes a min. of there time to say hey we know about this and are working on it. how hard is that? 

this just ignore everyone, they can 't wait untill we have a patch is B.S. I know you think it is YOUR game. but how much fun is it going to be for you as a dev. sitting at home playing yourself because you are out of a job! all because you refuse to take a few min. of you day to interact with the people paying for YOUR game?


will end with this. you guys take a lot of heat. (some of it is deserved). But you have mad an incredible game! we all love it (even the ones that say they hate it) if it was not a good game, you would not see so many people get so emotional about it. Keep up the good work, am looking forward to seeing what all you have in store for the rest of the year.

Dan from Candy Land. NA the island 370

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Legacy transfers?

Stop ignoring your playerbase. There is a decent amount of players still on legacy. Stop being ignorant and re enable transfers.

It's obvious by now you know, and most likely are purposefully not allowing transfers. I'll make sure people keep notifying by all means necessary until the proper measures are taken for your paying customers.

I'm also sure this has to do with ark going free on epic game store and you not wanting new players joining legacy's or seeing they cant transfer, but what are the odds of new/free players buying the dlcs compared to players that love the game already?

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Everyone is talkin about beein equal, about how you treat people, and we all see how people get treated, i aint say anyone is  beein racist, but to be honest actions say more then thousands of words can do.


We are forced to wait, able to do nothin, so i agree with the dudes who spoke before, this isnt an anniversary, this is more like we force the people out of the servers, and yes im aware that sooner or later all legacy servers got shut down, but until now we wanna have same priviliiges like everyone does. have a good day

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Too bad most of us support the game when it was nothing and now they treat us that way.


We gave them the confidence to buy the beta version years ago and thanks to the first players that we are now a legacy they are successful now.

you betrayed us wild card for new players who will not buy anything of your product.


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3 hours ago, Magrelin said:

It seems that Wildcard wants to literally break the legacy servers, with no chance for players to save their stuff.

i can see where you're coming from but it sounds like a conspiracy.
if they really want to get rid of the Legacy network they simply can flip the switch on it: sajonara, good-bye.

there is some differences in coding for official and legacy just don't ask me which as i don't remember. but in one recent official post by The Toilet (WildCard) i've read that they've mentioned ' new network code'. my guess is that they changed it globally and not paying attention to Legacy.

reacting to the issue would make them admit to the fact they actually effed up. But admitting to a failure is the last thing you'd experience coming from these god-like creatures.

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