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Steam: Timecapsule Servers!


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Timecapsule Servers


Before TEK suits and replicators, survivors experienced the Island in a much different way. Traversing the landscape provided unique challenges without many of the creatures we know and love. It might be hard to imagine The Island without the Redwoods biome or the numerous caves that have been added but earlier survivors will have distinct memories of this era in ARK’s history.

Many of the latest creatures that serve as companions, utility, and defense in ARK’s modern era weren’t a concept yet. Time capsule servers will offer a unique perspective and highlight the progression of ARK’s content, lore, and community when compared to the current day.

ARK2 (1)_down.jpg

While we’re happy to take this trip down memory lane it’s important to remember that Timecapsule servers are a snapshot of a moment in time. They won’t receive any customer service support or future updates.

The Timecapsule Experience
Here are a few notable features of the 2015 Timecapsule build:

  • No TEK Engrams
  • No fabricated snipers, compound bows, pump action shotguns or longneck rifles
  • Flyer speed can be increased

If you'd like to take a look at ARK in its most primitive days, you'll need to opt into our special branch in your steam ARK configuration. You can do so by following the steps below:

1) Right-click on the ARK game in your Steam library and select "properties"
2) Select the "Beta" tab
3) Locate "timecapsule" in the drop-down menu and select that.
4) Select close, patch ARK, and remember to launch the game without BattlEye then go forth and punch trees!

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