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Community Crunch 225: Crystal Isles, Anniversary Event, Epic Games Store, and more!


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1 hour ago, Only1Kaibert said:

So - seeing as this event is underwhelming, - judging by the response I'm not the only one thinking so -  I'm going to suggest some things: 

Breeding: too much breaks the servers...3x should be manageable though

Colors - if you had colors, noone would be complaining about the breeding thing. 

Color variation - in order to get more people playing, and to avoid server congestion, different color schemes for each map. Make people go to different maps to get 'em all. 

Any other suggestions? I'd like to hear em. 

This event is underwhelming just like Genesis most were bored way before transfers opened and left the game same will happen with CI. There is no need for any kind of multiplier at all its already been going on 2x. You say 3x breeding should be manageable we'll see if they did have colors to go along with this it would be unplayable if they just added colors it would be unplayable. Your suggestion on color variation would do the exact opposite of what you are saying you want to avoid and would only seriously hinder server performance. Just from them adding the base game for free on the epic store will be enough to add thousands of players with PC's that passed up the game because their PC couldn't run it in the 1st place and they didn't want to pay for a game they couldn't play. But now it will be "hey let me get this its free and I can see how it runs" So many people are right to complain about server performance, but its usually the ones complaining about server performance are the biggest offenders with all their show pony dino's out for display and their over sized base to house them.  There are people who are playing now that average yes single digit for FPS and yes I know this for fact and im not just making it up. And no matter how many times people say "well that has nothing to do with server performance that only effects them" I say BS for the simple reason that on certain servers I play on when certain people join the server goes from running fine to everyone loosing connection and getting ping kick on a constant basis untill said players log off the server and that's with a server ping staying under 100 and not spiking to 255. 

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Just now, NegativePsyche said:

For those you complaining that there's no breeding/mating multiplier. Check again just imprinted a wyvern of Official PvE for 33% as opposed to the 20% for the standard 2x rates.

That's because since the Crunch went out the Devs have increased it from x2 to x3 due to feedback.

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My modded server cluster cannot be joined after having run the update. All players timeout. I was told by my hosting company that all modded unofficial servers have the same problem until Wildcard issues a patch to fix it.


25 minutes ago, Sansa said:


OMG I'm so glad I haven't updated my cluster yet :/

when your players start steam, ark will get updated and there'll be a mismatch error so still no players for unofficial servers



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