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Community Crunch 225: Crystal Isles, Anniversary Event, Epic Games Store, and more!


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42 minutes ago, GP said:


I don't think that 3x is going to get people to calm down.I dont think they are going to pack up their things and move on.

They waited weeks for this, preparing for an amazing event. The event got pushed back another week, which built up even more desire to have it. People planned ahead, took days off of work, stopped doing normal gameplay to work on breeding, made massive numbers of trades, etc. All the while planning for higher multipliers, mainly 5x breeding. 

There is already a change.org poll on twitter for 5x. Everytime I open it, there are 100 new votes. 

Personally I downloaded the update, then saw the breeding rates. I am still sitting on the menu screen without logging in. Even at 3x, I am disappointed enough to not even join a server. 


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2 hours ago, Arkkindarules said:

You all said 5x breeding but you’ve just kept it the same i have 17 gigas that could have been raised but I saved them for 5x and you have let literally everyone that wanted this event down horribly and honestly you people need to learn how to provide for your people that’s why your game is dead if you learnt how to please your player base your game might be rejuvenated but alas you messed up again ?.    Also when’s giga TLC

Show me where they said 5x breeding?

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