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Server Advertisement Rules [Updated 08/08/2020]


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Welcome to the Playstation Server Advertisement forums. This sub-forum is a place where members can post advertisements for their servers. There are however a few rules that members should abide by before interacting in this sub-forum.

  1. Follow the Community Forum Guidelines which are pinned at the top of this sub-forum and every other sub-forum.
  2. Do not repost server advertisements. Only one advertisement per server is allowed - any duplicate posts will be removed and further reposts may result in a warning being issued. Please only advertise for your own server, unless permission is granted by the server owner. Cluster servers should be advertised as a single advertisement and list details for each server in that cluster (no single server cluster ads allowed).
  3. Server advertisements are allowed ONE bump every 24 hours. Other posts by other members within that 24hr period also count as bumps. Therefore a bump should only be made if there has been no activity on your post for 24+ hours. Bumps by other members (known as "proxy" bumps) also are considered bumps therefore the same rules apply. Failure to follow this will result in a warning.
    ** A bump is constituted as a reply to a post in which the purpose is to send the post to the top of the forums, even if the post does not include the word "bump". Advertisement posts should be limited solely to advertising and all information regarding the server or any changes to the server should be included in the OP rather than new individual posts **
  4. Posting negatively towards other server advertisements is strictly prohibited. Posts that flame other servers or server members will be removed and result in a warning issued. If there is a problem with the server environment, the forums is not a place to discuss this, please do so in a private manner.
    • Do not flame server owners for personal disputes.
    • Do not direct other members away from servers because of a poor experience.
    • If a server admin is breaking community forum rules, please report them. We do however not handle personal server disputes.
  5. Please do not share or promote of NSFW content. This includes servers, media, and other sites/platforms.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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