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What's a good mature speed & cuddle interval amount?

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What's a good mature speed & cuddle interval amount?

I was breeding some direwolves and while doing so i realized i was only getting like 5% imprint every time i cuddled with the baby, my mature speed amount was maybe about 50 so it's impossible to get a 100% imprint, so i made several different changes for a while to my config and none of them were good and i just can't find the correct settings for a 100% imprint without the mature speed taking forever. (10-20 mins is forever to me.)

So i'm asking people for their advice, whats your recommended stats for baby mature speed + baby cuddle interval?

BTW I'm looking to end up with a 100% imprint within 1-6 mins. Thanks!

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Why not just do a single imprint? Multiple imprints in such a short time just get annoying and since you are mainly only aiming for the end product I would go with a single imprint in those minutes. Think about later on when you have multiple dinos and you would have to run to each of them imprinting them multiple times, that sounds horrible.

I'm annoyed beyond believe by having to imprint every 8 hours and on some dinos for days/weeks on official. Having to imprint only once would be amazing, so I can only suggest that :D 

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