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[v310.80] Ovis/Sheep Changes Discussion

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Half these pansies don’t know about 24 hour theri tames  or sitting in your quetz trap floating in the air for four hours . Had it easy I say ?

You could always do the intended kibble progression. Which is easy now, compared to the classic kibble progression.

What did they do to Ovis this patch??? So in the most recent patch of the game it states "Reduced scaling factor of sheep harvesting health to reduce stalls"  Now today I got wiped all my cryos gon

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I'm sorry for all the oldschool ARK players that you had to spend 24 hours taming a Theri  but that is just simply stupid. No one in their right mind would ever do that unless you have no responsibilities IRL. 

I'm pretty sure that the majority of the playerbase are happy with the rates right now with the ongoing 2x event and you ''oldschoolers'' stating in every thread where Wildcard clearly ruins something that ''OHHHH but in my daaays we had to farm on 0,5 times the rates and raise gigas without croys''. Please stop, it is horrible and only for actual giga nerd gamers with no life other than ARK. 

I don't mind your playstyle but it has NOTHING to do with today's official servers where most of the playerbase plays on and rightfully protests here on the forum against such baseless changes. I bet most of you arguing with official players don't even play with 0,5 farming rates on unofficial or without cryos. So why keep mentioning ''we had it so hard back then'' (This simply sounds like boomers being angry at the younger generations just that real life boomers were able to tame 1 dino with 1 mutton in their economy while today's generation would have to spend 20-30 mutton to tame 1 dino :D )

The game has forever changed and evolved, don't hold on to the nostalgia. People wished for WoW classic and most had fun for some weeks/months until realizing that the endgame is horrible which were happier times in their memories.

An wild Ovi giving 2 mutton is just wrong considering that they are very rare on some maps. PVE or even worse PVE Unofficial players with boosted rates arguing over this with Official PVP players which are 2 different worlds, 2 totally different playstyles of the same game is not right.

Those players are denouncing the others while trying to gatekeep the artificial level of difficulty in ARK that is tied to increasing or decreasing the amount of resources you get which ONLY increases the time you are forced to farm. If the game difficulty is only tied to how long you have to farm a low tier resource there is simply something wrong with the game and if the increase of the rates ruins your gaming experience you should hopefully know that you are probably in the very minority of the playerbase that enjoys such things. 

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The Ovis NEEDS To Be Put Back To Normal

Making the Ovis spawn rate so low WILL make people quit, and it'll set even a worse president for Wildcard. It's the only thing starting players have to compete. Without it, it's practically impossible to start fresh and be able to compete with far people. I'm not going to play a game where the devs can't understand how their own games work. If you make it so you're not able to hit the sheep as much as before, increase the mutton you get per hit. This is terrible, and I will not continue with ark if the devs keep making these stupid drastic decisions.

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prec·e·dent | \ ˈpre-sə-dənt  \


1: an earlier occurrence of something similar

2a: something done or said that may serve as an example or rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act of the same or an analogous kinda verdict that had no precedent

b: the convention established by such a precedent or by long practice

3: a person or thing that serves as a model

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9 hours ago, Aylana314159 said:

When ark came out of early access the original rates were doubled. So small tribes is basically 6x the original ark rates. Think of how long the original taming times were and how important each tame was.


It's a choice. Spend the time setting up kibble vs the longer taming and lower efficiency of the other taming foods.

It was changed for a reason, making the game harder for people that are freshly starting is so dumb, they already have to put up with Lined manas running all over the place.

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It is possible they are trying to get people to have actual Ovis breeding farms.  I dunno, a 900 HP bred Ovis will turn out with 1080 HP at full imprint.  Level it in HP and I wonder how much mutton it gives still. 

I don't know if the scaling will be sufficient to support one of the big tames (Mosa, 270 mutton for a level 150 on 1x) with a single Ovis still, even with an Ovis harvested at I dunno, 3500 HP after leveling, how much would you get?  I think they are looking at it in terms of how much would go into kibble for the equivalent dino.  A 150 Mosa on 1x takes 92 Exceptional Kibbles, that's a lotta damn eggs, soups, and other stuff.  It's not crazy crazy hard to get 92 Exceptional-tier eggs, but maybe they are trying to shift from a "Ptera-flap to the Highlands with a mid-melee-pumped Survivor and a 140+ Apprentice Pick and walk off with 300 Mutton" situation we were in before.

That doesn't really undo the frustration.  It sucks that the situation has shifted like this, but the playerbase will find a way.

Off to test mutton gathering.

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Ovis NERF , wait what ?

Yo guys i did just noticed the ovis patch and i gotta admit wildcard is again trying to make players leave the game haha , just to be sure what does mean 'stalls' ?

i start this topic in hope we can get some visibility to WC , lmk what u think about the patch but just so you know i have 9k hours so don't try teach me the game xD

So , i'd say the sheep nerf is totally useless and unexpected , imo the 3rd worst mistake after adding mana and make it most meta dino & flyer nerf , like wth ? since the ovis are out with Ragnarok it always been untouched and since time it's here you choose to suddenly overkill them for no reason ?It just kills perfect tames and stomp hard people tring to start over or beginners and tbh i don't understand why you are making a such good game that was ARK to a cancer game .. just saying

That's too much , what the hell are you doing wildcard ?! xD i would also add that anyone who plays the game serious nowadays don't even care cause they will breed and don't need sheeps anymore or they would just buy for IRL money which is forbidden but this is another thing with questionable management , so you want to penalize us to perfect tame our carnivores ? It looks like you don't mind about the players life and try to make the game even more unhealthy as it is already.

Imo the actual meta is bad af and made for fortnite kids, nothing to see with true ARK players , so much people don't even grind and just pays a pvp kit and FFA mana to a trader for 5 or 10$ that it pay2win and griefs everything , but this .. is another subject out of the fact we were able to get great tames with sheeps ATLEAST (big oof)

So what should we do now ? back in the times there was dodo kibble etc but you reworked that too x) craft kibbles from fresh start now is gonna be a pain and that's it ?.. maybe for one time play the game after your patch before updating , it looks like when Genesis came out after such teasing and the races mission timer were too short for alpha missions(yikes) , so for sheeps maybe you could reduce the drops from 50% instead of overkill it instantly that would be good idea even if got no clue why u even want to nerf ovis lmao 

Otherwise congrats Wildcard , you made the ovis useless in the game and a perfect PvE dino

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  • invincibleqc changed the title to [v310.80] Ovis/Sheep Changes Discussion

The Ovis NEEDS To Be Put Back To Normal

Making the Ovis spawn rate so low WILL make people quit, and it'll create an even worse president for Wildcard. I'm not going to play a game where the devs can't understand how their own games work. If you make it so you're not able to hit the sheep as much as before, increase the mutton you get per hit. This is terrible, and I will not continue with ark if the devs keep making these stupid drastic decisions.

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At 1x gathering an Ovis with 3000 HP gives about 100 mutton with a 170% chainsaw.  With a 170% pickaxe and 225 melee, I was able to get 37 mutton.  With a 600% melee (not imprinted) Therizino pumped up with 60 levels in Power Harvest, I was able to get anywhere from 60 to 90, not sure why there was such a variance, but that's what I found.

It is a far cry from what it was, that's for sure.  For the higher end tames, yeah we won't be able to laughably tame stuff, but it is still totally doable.  Just a bit more work than going to Highlands at any time and in 15 seconds, taming anything on the map.  With a good enough Chainsaw, I guess that is still totally possible though!


Also, not to challenge the status quo, but no secondary stat other than health has any effect on gathered material.  I tried HP, stam, o2, food, and weight separately.  With something like 5000 stam, or 7000 o2, or 80,000 food, or 600 weight (again, individually) still just ~15 pelt and hide with ~30-40 mutton from a spawned in Ovis with ~1.2K HP base.  But pump up the HP, you get more of everything regardless of the method of harvesting.  Food does not increase pelt and hide gathering.

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4 hours ago, Aylana314159 said:

Not that it matters now, but sheep are breedable. So all you need is 2.

I would have to fill my dino quota with sheep to make that viable, or add 3000000 pods  plus I am not good at murdering my own pets and breeding sucks and takes forever, they still tend to fall into the ground I think. 

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@TheDonn I's doable but this only hurts newer players or PVP players that have to start fresh after a wipe. 

Everyone else will just use kibble because they give the better result while being easy to make if you are already set up.

This patch has hurt new players and freshly starting PVP players and no one else sadly.

IMO this nerf is complete nonsense, this is not 2015-2016 ARK were jobless or game addicted people spend all their day taming a theri or griffin with normal meat for 20 hours...

Is Wildcard trying to cater to that group of gamers? If that is the case I would really enjoy a statement from them saying it  :D 

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