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Broodmother fight

So I was wondering if my army could take on beta broodmother. I have 18 therizinos, 1 yuty and 1 daeodon. The therizinos have 20k hp and 470 melee. The yuty has 2k stam and 10k hp and the daeodon has 15k hp with 48k food. Single player settings are turned off btw.

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Beta broodmother is really tanky, so that fight can go either way based on luck.  I’ve done beta with 18 30k hp, 600 melee rexes with 80ish saddles without any losses one round, then losing 12 of my team with the exact same set up next round just due to bad luck with Rex placement.  Expect losses regardless, but I think you may have a shot if you have at least 70 armor saddles.

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