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Tips for hex farming

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Without a Giga it does make it tougher since Alpha Hop Skip and Jump gets you 28,800 hex and takes like 4 minutes. 

I think farming Alpha Golem Hunt with a Rex and Tek saddle (30k) isn't too bad but if you get hit with a rock it will almost kill your Rex. 

Someone said Deino'e vs Alpha Rex work really well. That's 30k hex but you'll need good Deino saddles. If you have a friend, mate boosted bug buffed Megatherium's will wreck it too.

With just a basic set up (mate boosted Rex or Theri) you can also just farm Beta Hunts for 19k hex a pop.

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With giga I do "Home is where the pouch is" on Alpha. 
It takes me roughly 5-6 minutes to complete and gives 28k'ish Hexagon... Pretty sure you can't do it much faster and easier. 

I believe this mission is easier than "Hop Skip and Jump" since the kangaroo you are protecting doesn't get attacked from different angles. Mostly just straight ahead. 

And yes, if you really want to farm Hexagon quickly, just go buy a giga somewhere. 

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Same question with limitation: Private server, no other servers connected (so no way to get a Giga) - what to farm here? We can do Hop, SKip and JUmp on beta, but it takes quite a while, is there anything better to do? We tried it on Alpha, the issue isn't that our Dinos are dying, but the Frog dies fast and we don't have anything to deal enough damage (or run out of stamina super fast from permanent attacking)

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Accept the fact that there are several alpha missions you’ll never complete. 

one you can do though is “we will rock you”. Use a tek Rex saddle and put up tek turrets at the lava pool on the foot print count 66. Use high ground to your advantage on the first two parts and you’ll beat it easily. Not as fast as the other missions with a giga, but you can farm it. 

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