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pvp Ares' Playground PVP Cluster - 20x - 6Man tribes

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Ares' Playground PVP Cluster - 20x - 6Man tribes

4 map Cluster (Extinction, Valguero, Genesis and Ragnarok) with Crystal Isles being added on 4th June 2020.


 XP x 15
 Taming x 40
 Harvesting x 20
 Egg hatch = 20.0
 Baby maturation = 20.0
 Max Wild Dino = 240
 Tribe limit = 6 (No allies)
 Turret limit 350
 No ORP - 72 Hour new player protection
 2-3month wipe cycle

**Player Mods**

 Structures Plus (S+)
 Naj's Speedy Flyers
 HG Stacking Mod 2500x
 TCs Auto Rewards
Awesome SpyGlass
Salty Argy


 Baby No wander
*Sets Babies to Auto; no wander, no ally looking and passive.*

  * Type '/Suicide' into in game chat to kill yourself.*

 New Player Protection
  * Active for first 72 hours for you/your tribe on each server.*
   *Starts from when you first log to the server.*
   *To disable before the 72 hours is up...type '!npp disable' in chat.*

**Admin Spcific Mods**

 Editable Server UI
 Admin Rocket
 EMS | Extended Management System

Feel free to check out the discord for more indepth info if you're interested.


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