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Ark Casual Extinction PVE/PVP Server

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Ark Casual Extinction PVE/PVP Server

Server: ArkWarzone:CasualServer (No Password)

Server location: Miami

We have an open server that has been going on for 15 days for anyone to join for casual gameplay and maybe even open for wars if it is agreed upon. A few boost are involved such as: 4x Taming  2x Harvests 2x XP 3x Item Stacks 10x Crop Growth 3x Egg Hatch 4x Maturation. 

Difficulty Set: 7

Set to PVE

Be assured that this server is set up for months in advance so feel safe enough that your progress will be in place for a while. If you have any more questions or concerns just hit me up on discord: KJLimit#3267. You'll be added to the servers discord for any open discussions and future updates!


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