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[Balinor's Reach] 18+ Crystallsles Map - Fantasy/Medieval Roleplay.

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[Balinor's Reach] 18+ Crystallsles Map - Fantasy/Medieval Roleplay.

Balinor's Reach is a fantasy-based roleplay that welcomes all forms of creativity. Our theme is medieval with races that would match that timeline. Our lore is simple to allow room for growth and event story progression with the help of our storytellers. Our admin team wishes to provide a fun and OOC drama-free atmosphere for those who just wish to roleplay. We also welcome new roleplayers to our community with friendly admin help and advice. We have a class system set in place with an in-game roleplay school for those who want to roleplay out if they wish to change their classes midseason. We provide each person with their own starter mount and kit for those who want one. That way you can focus more on the actually roleplaying than having to quickly get started on surviving. 

Balinor's Discord

Opening date
June 7th. 4 EST

The Start of it all...Our Lore.
Balinor was once a land rich with magic. It had so many wonderful wonders with things beyond the imagination but something happened. There was a gigantic explosion, a magic surge. It uprooted some of the lands, causing them to float. It wiped out most everything, leaving the survivors to pick up the pieces of this magical apocalyptic world. All magic has disappeared...Or has it? 

Our rates and server info.
Experience 5X
Mode: PvPvE
Fliers - Yes
Harvest: x7
Taming: x6
Hatch speed x 30
Maturation: x15
Map: CrystalIsle
Extra engram points.
Gamma on.
Shorter nights.
No Drops.
Dinos that are removed: 
Tek Dinos

The Mod list

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