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Water pipe auto devay

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Water pipe auto devay

Why these water pipe always auto decay ? Our base is far from water and we have to make a long waterpipe but it always auti decay... we tryed build foundation under but it still decay -_-


Any1 know a trick or something ? Thx

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Posted (edited)

Always make your pipes out of metal.  Keep them in render distance.

Put a small hut with a bed in it at render distance to all your objects that are not base located like water pipes or oil drills. 

I know you need pipes for the cooker at a main base.  But if you decided you needed an outpost only want water for drinking use instead metal reservoirs.   

Most peeps I think get a wyvern and just fly over their properties, pillars, and such. 

Do not put foundations under pipes no point to that.  You can pillar to keep players from building over and around your pipe line just be polite and only pillar what you need.

Or move.  I have moved my main base over fifty times.  It is actually really fun to move.  Keep your main base up, make an alt-mule character and run around scouting for a better spot closer to water on dlc maps.   Hit a new dlc map when it drops that can be a lot of fun.  Just remember to keep a character at your old base so you don't loose it to decay.  Once you have moved over completely abandon the old base for the new one.  

If you are already on a dlc out of the way place long reach to a water hole then yeah just build little huts along your pipeline with beds and teleport to them often enough to keep your pipes always in render distance.

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